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7 Business Startup Ideas

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Using Facebook to come up with start-up ideas!

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I have always thought about soliciting ideas from friends about their problems with the current application they are using or frustration with certain products.This page on facebook has a lot of startup ideas.People share their frustrations and problems.The solution could be your startup.Take a look,you may stumble upon an interesting idea.You can decide to create your own page and ask your friends and their friends to post their problems and share ideas they think can scale to be a company.
Users Sharing ideas on Facebook.

5 Cleantech Startups With Support from Intel

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Clean Technology

Intel Capital, Intel’s global investment organization, has invested a total approximately $10 million in five clean tech startups. Intel’s new sub-group, dubbed the Energy Systems Group will focus on the development of smart building, smart homes and smart grids.
The following startups received support:

*CPower (New York). The company delivers targeted energy management services and solutions that enable companies to optimize their facilities and operations through energy reduction initiatives and earn market payments for those reductions. This is Intel Capital’s initial funding of CPower.

*Grid Net (San Francisco). The company is a pioneer in providing the network operating system and management control plane for the Smart Grid. Grid Net’s Series C funding round includes Intel Capital’s third investment.

*Powervation (Limerick, Ireland). It provides digital power controllers for server, desktop computing and communications platforms that deliver capabilities in automatic configuration and self stabilization. Intel Capital co-led Powervation’s Series A funding round and this is its second investment in the company.

*Convey Computer (Richardson, Texas). The firm offers high-performance computing (HPC) solutions which aim to reduce energy consumption and boost performance. Convey’s HC-1 solution integrates advanced existing off-the-shelf hardware — namely an Intel Xeon processor and field programmable gate arrays — with compiler technology that minimizes the programming challenges. Convey’s Series B funding round includes the second investment by Intel Capital.

*iControl (Palo Alto, Calif.). The firm provides an IP-based platform that delivers monitored home security, remote home monitoring and home and energy management capabilities to security and broadband providers. iControl’s Series C funding round includes a follow-on investment by Intel Capital.

Top 12 Tech Startup Incubators

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An incubator is a new type of educational institution. It teaches hands-on “entrepreneurial development” to the business owner in a very precise manner because the instructional method is not generalized. It teaches only what the business owner doesn’t know or can’t do. Since each business owner and each business is different, the methodology is designed to teach you what you need to know in the best way that you can learn.Startup Incubators have been the backbone of a lot of early stage startups.Funds sometimes range from $25,000 to $500,000 if you are lucky.Incubators provide not just the funds, but the entrepreneurs are provided with guidance/coaching, exposure to other vcs and investors, chance to present to potential customers.Once a startup begins to take off when all the funds have been used up on the runway,some of them approach venture capitalists with startup that have customers and a working product. The top 10 of such incubators I know are these:

1) YCombinator ;
Some of the companies YCombinator has helped in the past are:
AppJet, Heroku,Omnisio,WattVision,Loopt,Disqus, Reditt, Weebly,,scribd,thesixtyone, foodoro,dropbox, posterous.
2) BetaWorks : Average Investment : $100K
3) ATDC -Georgia
4) Slingshoit Labs-Myspace
5) Capital Factory
6) Tech Stars
7) Shotput Ventures
8) Start At Spark
9) LaunchBoxDigital
10) Dream IT Ventures
11) Green Ventures
12) Javelin Venture Partners

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Web OS With Social Media Twist

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Google is working on building a web OS for notebooks.A lot expects have predicted the emergence of a web OS in a year or two. Launched last week, Glide Engage is a stream front-end for the Glide , a Web OS which offers a suite of integrated Web Apps including docs, spreadsheets, photo and music uploading and sharing, calendar, email, Website creation and collaboration tools. Glide can be overwhelming. There is a lot there. But it has attracted its own loyal following of about one million registered users. In their own words “Glide is a free suite of rights-based productivity and collaboration applications with 10GBs of storage. Setup and administer up to six family member accounts including child accounts from your Glide settings panel. The Glide OS provides automatic file and application compatibility across devices and operating systems. With Glide OS you also get the Glide Sync App which helps you to synchronize your home and work files.”
You can even use Glide on virtually any mobile phone with a browser. To access Glide on your mobile go to

10 Startup Ideas Funded by DreamIt Ventures

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DreamIt Ventures

Philadelphia-based early-stage investment outfit DreamIt Ventures is in the business of finding, funding, and accelerating great startups. DreamIt, now in its second year, sees startup founders through the summer with seed funding and advisement, allowing them to demo their wares for media and investors mid-August.

Notehall allows college students to buy and sell lecture notes and study guide materials online. According to DreamIt, Notehall is currently active and generating revenue at three universities and has more than 13,000 users and 5,500 documents for sale.
While at Dreamit, Notehall has successfully launched an automated recruiting campaign at Drexel University and is planning to rolling out its services to more institutions this fall. The team is also in the process of raising a round of funding.

OurShelf , currently in public beta, helps users to catalog, lend, and manage their belongings while searching for items they need to borrow from friends for short-term use. Users can also use the site to list their unwanted items for sale on multiple third-party auction and classifieds sites.
A personalized social shopping experience is created by laying an item graph (complete with related items and reviews) over a social graph. DreamIt describes the app as being “like for physical goods.” is an aggregator of web content. Still in private beta, the site claims to adapt to user preferences to “filter, prioritize, and even suggest relevant content from countless news and blog sources across the web.” DreamIt claims the app works better than Google Alerts. We weren’t able to test-drive the app ourselves, but this is a hot space with a few excellent competitors, and we eagerly await the finished (or public beta) product.

Postling is a site we reviewed a scant week ago. Founded by half of Etsy’s founding team, along with a former Etsy and product manager, the site aims to be ground zero for small business publishing to social media platforms.
Postling lets users publish content simultaneously to many major social platforms, including blogs, Twitter, and Facebook. In addition, users can read and respond to comments left by readers. The site offers paid accounts only. Aimed squarely at enterprises only, Postling is revenue-ready.

SeatGeek, currently in private beta, aims to be the Farecast of event tickets. It’s a web app that will forecast sports and concert ticket prices so consumers know whether to buy a ticket now or wait until the price drops. For sellers, the app helps them determine the best time to sell their inventory. DreamIt tells us that SeatGeek’s crawlers have compiled millions of ticket transactions and have aggregated other factors that influence ticket prices. The patent’s pending on that money-making algorithm.
And although free accounts are available now for consumers, this fall will bring premium subscriptions for brokers and other ticket sellers.

Straight Up English is a SaaS company now in private beta and launching public in the fall. It aims to address the most persistent speech challenges for ESL learners in areas such as word stress, intonation, and pronunciation with a multi-modal approach and a focus on oral communication. DreamIt tells us that this startup will include both web and mobile apps and communities for students and teachers.

The “three screens” of this startup’s name refer to mobile, computer, and television screens. The team plans to converge and capitalize on all three with social gaming apps, the first of which is FanGamb, a fantasy sports game that tests players’ abilities as sports bettors.The app is in private alpha and will go live by the start of the NFL season. The team is due to announce the close of a six-figure seed capital raise in the near future.

The team behind Trendsta were formerly some of the minds behind myYearbook and Owned (a top-10 Facebook app). They think they know teen influencers pretty well by now and are selling brands on a marketing platform that, according to DreamIt, “puts products in the hands of the most influential teens on the web… as they create buzz about those items.” The team has so far been working with hot-name brands such as Atlantic Records, Penguin Books, Neutrogena, and Polaroid.

Jobaphiles is for employers who want to auction their part-time jobs and one-time gigs, allowing them to hire the most qualified and competitively priced applicant and saving them time and money. Also, jobseekers compete with the added knowledge of one another’s qualifications and bidding prices.

Kidzillions , now in private beta and live in the fall, is an online allowance and chore management system that helps kids learn to spend and save in our cashless society. Kids work for money to buy real stuff as parents assign chores and monitor their progress.
And that wraps up DreamIt Ventures’ graduating class of 2009. We’ll be keeping an eye on these companies, sites, and apps as they go live, secure funding, and take their next steps.

Source: DreamIt Ventures

Trends, Ideas and Opportunities for a startup

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In my last three posts I have deliberate focused on startup ideas because I think the world deserves to know about the ideas I have been thinking about. I believe that an idea has no value if is not being implemented or has not been implemented. As I write this post, I am going through a customer discovery phase of my new startup idea. I am trying as much as possible to contact at least five companies who share the pain I have discovered. The primary research will prove my assumptions right or wrong. I read about so many ideas and predictions of new trends and opportunities for startup by popular bloggers, and I am convinced beyond reasonable doubt that in as much as there are good ideas, the real value is in the implementation. If somebody believes in the ideas I blog about he or she can implement them and I will be happy to be a beta tester. In the mean time I am trying out few once from the large pool of startup ideas I have. I will keep you posted with ideas in every post. You are welcome to share your comments on the ideas I blog about. In the mean time check out Whats Next After Web 2.0 and Mobile Opportunities For Startups and listen to what Eric Schmidt has to say about where the opportunities are in the future