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5 Cleantech Startups With Support from Intel

Clean Technology

Intel Capital, Intel’s global investment organization, has invested a total approximately $10 million in five clean tech startups. Intel’s new sub-group, dubbed the Energy Systems Group will focus on the development of smart building, smart homes and smart grids.
The following startups received support:

*CPower (New York). The company delivers targeted energy management services and solutions that enable companies to optimize their facilities and operations through energy reduction initiatives and earn market payments for those reductions. This is Intel Capital’s initial funding of CPower.

*Grid Net (San Francisco). The company is a pioneer in providing the network operating system and management control plane for the Smart Grid. Grid Net’s Series C funding round includes Intel Capital’s third investment.

*Powervation (Limerick, Ireland). It provides digital power controllers for server, desktop computing and communications platforms that deliver capabilities in automatic configuration and self stabilization. Intel Capital co-led Powervation’s Series A funding round and this is its second investment in the company.

*Convey Computer (Richardson, Texas). The firm offers high-performance computing (HPC) solutions which aim to reduce energy consumption and boost performance. Convey’s HC-1 solution integrates advanced existing off-the-shelf hardware — namely an Intel Xeon processor and field programmable gate arrays — with compiler technology that minimizes the programming challenges. Convey’s Series B funding round includes the second investment by Intel Capital.

*iControl (Palo Alto, Calif.). The firm provides an IP-based platform that delivers monitored home security, remote home monitoring and home and energy management capabilities to security and broadband providers. iControl’s Series C funding round includes a follow-on investment by Intel Capital.

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