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How Enterprises Are Exploring SaaS

Software as a service has come to be recognised as a substitute for tradittional software that needs to installed,maintained,supported and upgraded.The importance of softwrae as a service cannot be over emphasized. Companies like Salesforce are big players in the industry. Personally i believe there are a lot of potential and opportunity for sofware entrepreneurs who want to take advantage of SaaS.
Some Saas Startups in the industry:

SaaS offers enterprises a great opportunity to use software without the trouble to install the software. SaaS is driving the world’s 60 fastest-growing software companies, study finds.But it takes a great deal of effort to sell SaaS products to enterprises.Enterprises demand ROI in products of such nature.Sales Executives must always be available to talk to them.Whatever European startups delivering SaaS to enterprises are doing,we must learn so much from them.Apparently Enterprises are empbrasing SaaS in Europe better than US. SaaS in Europe at the tipping point . Phil Wainewright’s post says it all in SaaS adoption swells in Europe . I believe there are still opportunities to explore if you can do it right. Two SaaS Companies that Solve Business Problems for Customers . B2B Opportunities for Web 2.0 Startups .

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