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Startup Directory

I have been searching on the web for website dedicated to startup companies only.All I need is a short description of the company.I am not impressed with the few directories I have come across.

  • go2web20 is doing a good job by grouping the startups according to categories.The startups have short informative descriptions.You get to read about ten short descriptions per page. Emily Chang is also doing doing a good display of of startups companies gathered so far on the site.TradeVibes and Crunchbase has a huge database of startup companies, but they can do better with the way the companies are displayed.It takes too many clicks to read descriptions of a number of companies.
  • Startup Search has a number of high tech startups,but again it takes too many clicks find out what the companies are offering.

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    Term Sheet

    “A term sheet is a bullet-point document outlining the material terms and conditions of a business agreement. After a Term Sheet has been “executed”, it guides legal counsel in the preparation of a proposed “final agreement”. It then guides, but is not necessarily binding, as the signatories negotiate, usually with legal counsel, the final terms of their agreement.”Wikipedia
    Term Sheet
    A term sheet is a document that begins the process and forms the basis of your engagement with the venture capitalist. It sets out the “terms” on which the investor will invest in your business,the obligation,rights and sometimes the responsibilities of both parties involved.

    If you get to a stage where the VC gives you a term sheet,it signifies expression of interest in the idea you presenting on the table for funding. The VC will lay out the terms of the investment. Term sheets usually have an expiry date, i.e., if you do not accept the terms by a certain date, the terms of the engagement will no longer be valid.
    Startup 125: Term Sheet – Liquidation Preferences
    Before you sign the term sheet,read this

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    Development Roadmap

    Venture capitalists have always been concerned about how long it will take to ship the product they will be funding.Most projections are based on assumptions,but the benefits of developing a road map cannot be over emphasized.What has been crucial for me is the effort it takes to accomplish the tasks required within a specific time frame.Developer time has always been an issue.Putting dollar value on effort is important. How then do you build a compelling roadmap. Check out this Agile Product Management Series for for further insight.

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    Startup Cost

    Calculating startup cost for a software or web company involves so many assumptions.It is always good to find realistic numbers to support the assumptions but it is so difficult to have the exact cost of development,test and equipment cost,personnel and administrative cost,marketing and sales.what has proven to be difficult for me is the cost of development.Estimating the hours and its correspondent cost is hard.If the product development is outsourced to India,Russia or the US,how much money is invloved.

    I know it cost between $5 and $20 to hire a developer from Elance.But how long will it take the developer to complete my project.If he is not able to complete on schedule,who bears the cost.
    Core Startup Expenses

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    Who is a geek

    The word geek is a slang term, noting individuals as “a peculiar or otherwise odd person, especially one who is perceived to be overly obsessed with one or more things including those of intellectuality, electronics, etc.Wikipaedia

    This is what it means to be a geek

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    The Art of Pitching

    Pitching to investors takes a lot of time to get it right.There are so many things that may go wrong.As an entrepreneur in training,I have presented a lot of ideas to my colleagues,developers,and investors.With all the experience I have gained I want to believe that investors are looking for

      The idea that can scale to be company
      The idea with the right team
      The idea that can serve a bigger market

    Listen to these pitches uploaded on techcrunch and judge for yourself.

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    Startup Ideas

    The web presents us with so many opportunities we have not even imagined yet.Problems and opportunities still abound.High tech ideas are presented in a way to make business sense out of them.stay motivated.

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